Pastor George’s entire adult life has been spent serving young people and their families under the umbrella of law enforcement. In 1997, while on duty, George was involved in a head-on collision with a Mack truck in which the driver of the truck was under the influence of cocaine. The driver was instantly killed. George spent the next several years in rehabilitation. The accident was the impetus for the rest of his law enforcement career which included more than twenty years of engaging and leading students of all ages and backgrounds on local, state and national levels in both ministry and public education. Because of his leadership work with students, he was nominated and awarded Pennsylvania Police Officer of the Year in 2001. After thirty years in law enforcement, George sensed a call to formal ministry and retired to attend Seminary. In October of 2016, George was formally called to the Senior Pastorate at Franklin Park Baptist Church.

Having a pastoral heart, George’s law enforcement background has offered many occasions to serve families during times of deep personal trauma and loss during his career. His unique work and life experiences have also given him uncommon opportunities to connect with people in diverse academic, ministry and multicultural settings.

His business and leadership experience come to us from his work as Executive Director with the American Center for Character and Cultural Education. He was responsible for overseeing the production, writing and implementation of character development curriculum for students, as well as training parents, educators and administrators across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Much of his career has focused on speaking to parents, educators and young leaders about biblical perspectives within the context of popular youth culture. His book, Equipping Parents for Battle, Connecting with Kids in Their Media Saturated World, and accompanying training curriculum, provide practical tips and illustrations on how to connect with kids in a postmodern, information age. Pastor George is experienced in motivational and inspirational leadership, camp leadership, event planning, character development and personal mission development. He has had the privilege of teaching in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, college campuses and in seminaries. Pastor George also spent time as Director of Teen Leadership Corp of Beaver County, PA, as well as several years as the Director of College Tours for Resolution Hope, a non-profit organization aimed at educating and empowering Americans to play an active role in ending sex slavery and bring an end to domestic minor sex trafficking in the United States.”

Pastor George is married to Amanda and has been blessed with eight children, four of whom were adopted with special needs.

Pastor George is a graduate of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, a Seminary in the Anglican Tradition. He holds his MA in Church History/Theology.