How do you know when you have reached success spiritually? As a congregation we have set some goals to measure ourselves. We want to see how we measure up and are progressing along our journey with Christ. Franklin Park Baptist Church works to “interrupt your busy lives to build relationships in Christ.”

What do we mean by being interrupting your lives? We have a tendency to be so busy in our own lives that we are not reaching out, but that are not our mission – our mission is to be willing to interrupt our own busyness and reach out to the other busy people in our lives in order to build relationships – that are based on Jesus Christ. Our church ministries are built on very specific needs to the people it serves.

Worshiping Continually

Worshiping continually means that our awareness of God in our lives goes far beyond gathering on Sunday mornings, although that is a crucial part of our spiritual journey. The scriptures tell us that true worship is what we do, the way we live and how we honor God in each part of our lives.

Giving Yourself Daily

Serving others needs to be something that we do jointly and separately. Giving of yourself includes joining with other members of the congregation through making our mission trip and mission days possible, as well as working with members of the congregation through joint efforts to make the world a better place. It also includes doing things as an individual which make the world better. This means taking active steps to express God’s love and caring.

Knowing God Better Each Day

We are to be growing more like Christ each day and the way we do that is to know God better each day. That requires active intention on our part to engage with the scriptures, reading them, studying them, memorizing them. That requires intentional time in prayer to spend with Christ, that we will have shared more of ourselves with God, and also that we will have listened to God that we might hear his voice directing and guiding us into his likeness.

Belonging to the Family 24/7

We are called to be the community of faith in this place. That means sharing our joys and our sorrows, caring one for another, encouraging, serving, and even correcting one another that we might be the people God calls us to be. As part of the family of God worshiping together there is not a time we are not a part of the family, with all the joys and responsibilities that brings. We are responsible for living in a way that brings honor to God and the church 24/7. We are to care for and about other members and allow others to care about us.