Children are an important part of the congregational life here at Franklin Park. We are a multi-generational church, meaning we love children in all parts of church life. It also means we have a ready stock of grandparents and great-grandparent figures to share the love of Christ and the love of life with your children. From the “candy man” who has a piece of candy for each child every Sunday morning, to the loving nursery volunteers and Sunday School teachers, children are an important part of life at Franklin Park Baptist Church.

We love babies! There will always be a place for babies here. The nursery is open during Sunday School and the Church service. Some parents choose to keep babies with them during the service, which is also fine, but we ask parents to be considerate of other worshipers. Crying babies are distracting, but so are cute babies!

One of the most important lessons we can teach a child is to love Jesus and to know that Jesus loves them. In Sunday School, children are learning not only about Jesus’ love, but how to respond to that love. Through music and stories, crafts, and an encouraging relationship with Sunday School teachers, children have the opportunity to grow in grace and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

That learning continues through the worship service. Children begin the worship servicewith their families, are involved with the children’s message and then leave the sanctuary for age appropriate fun and learning while the adults continue to worship.