Caring for the well-being of the youth and children will always be a priority of the congregation. Additionally the Commonwealth of PA has passed legislation mandating procedures for those who work or volunteer to work with youth and children. This policy will be to our attempt to comply with the law.

Each paid employee of the church will be required to obtain: PA State Wide Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Clearance Check with PA Child Welfare, and a federal criminal history report with FBI Finger Printing Finger prints can be taken at the UPS store in Gibsonia or Cranberry, as well as other locations, but only between 11-4 weekdays and 11-2 on Saturday. These must be repeated every three years. Each volunteer who works with children or youth (Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, nursery workers, adults (18 or older) who attend the mission trip or creation, Vacation Bible School leaders over 18, and chaperones for youth activities) by July 1, 2015 must present a PA State Wide Criminal Record check and a Child Abuse Clearance Check with the PA Child Welfare. If the volunteer has lived in Pennsylvania continuously for the last ten years they can sign an affidavit to that effect. Those who have not been living in Pennsylvania for the last ten years will also need a federal criminal history report with FBI fingerprinting.

These clearances do not have to be repeated for each organization, but each organization will need a copy.

All employees and volunteers are also considered mandated reporters of any child abuse suspicion . As such they are required to complete the MANDATED REPORTER TRAINING All Employees and Volunteers are required to participate in Mandated Reporter Training currently offered by the University of Pittsburgh – PA Child Welfare Resource Center. You will need to register and then take the course. Once the course is completed you will receive a certificate via email.